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  1. Thank you for the tips. I think the 5 C’s are very important as are the points you made on the color and type of font used. I know in my business emails I am very careful not to write as though I am sending an email to a friend or family member. Business is business and you need to keep things professional, not cold but professional.

  2. nice post
    Very much clarify…Now i understand what I was doing wrong while writing an business email.Now I wont do such things.

  3. Thanks for the info! I hope, too, when neither be able to write as interesting and informative!

  4. Thanks a lot for a bunch of good tips. I look forward to reading more on the topic in the future. Keep up the good work! This blog is going to be great resource and I love reading it.

  5. very well said..thanks for sharing those information…it clears my mind that im doing the right thing on writing a business email..thanks.,.
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  6. Hi,
    I definitely appreciate all of the grueling effort you’ve done keeping this website available for all of us. I honestly hope this stays around for a long while.

  7. Jessica Rejser says:

    Emails are so common now, part of our daily life, but that doesnt mean they have to be ugly and not informative, great tips here, i wish more people would follow them.

    Jessica Rejser – Human Resources at Travel Videos.

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  9. Writers who know the exact use of 5 C’s are not only successful in writing business Email but are also very impressive in every type of writing. These rules are the foundation for the writing.

  10. Over all knowledgable post. Loved that 5 C’s rule

  11. Actually, we the people very much busy on Email template design and forget about content quality maintain. I also point out this issue that I searched in Google for some tips and after read about 5 article this article is best. Hope Alia you will write more article.
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  12. These days another huge piece of advice is to remember that emails are not the same as twitter or text, especially in the work place. Write in complete sentences. Do not use abbreviations that your grandparents would not understand (e.g. ASAP ok, RT not ok).
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  13. Very interesting and informative article! Thanks to the author for such a wonderful stuff.
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  14. great post.
    i write a lot mails in business life. there are some useful tips for me . thanks a lot.

  15. Many thanks so much for the article.Thanks Again. Want more.
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  16. Good points here. In the business setting, I’m noticing more and more people are simply emailing clients and other business correspondences as if they were texting their friend. Professionalism has deteriorated in the digital world in this regard.
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  17. i always use times new roman while posting my bussiness e-mails. this is a great info and guide about bussiness e-mails. thanks a lot.
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  18. Kelly Murray says:

    great article. Thanks for reminding us of the 5 Cs.
    Visit to know more

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  20. Nice Tips Alia Haley, i am a newbie in email marketing and this article is a blessing for me as i am going to apply these tips while writing emails to others, thanks for sharing this nice info with us, i read a comment above by Adam Kielich and i totally agree with him i myself often using short words which are common on twitter and most people are complaining that what do you mean by that who are not used to twitter, so its a great advice from Adam Kielich as well…
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  21. English is not my native language but most of my customers are English speaking. I do make a point of covering the 5 C’s but most business people done. Probably 10% of all the emails I write are asking for clarification of what was being said or asked in the initial email.

  22. great post. i have a homework about business emailing for my business administration lesson. by the help of you i can finalise it. thanks a lot.

  23. The 5 Cs of writing. Nice, I like.

  24. Thanks a lot for a bunch of good tips. I look forward to reading more on the topic in the future. Keep up the good work! This blog is going to be great resource and I love reading it.

  25. Business email is the most important factor of communication with in the organization and had a role of a back bone of the communication structure. In business email language must be easily understand able and pricise which can easily be understand by the reader.
    Font must be Arial or times new roman that can easily be readable and don’t look irritated to the eyes of the reader.

  26. I don’t use this email writing technique to promote my business as I doubt that email marketing leads to spam and hence many users ignore our email. I would rather recommend to use genuine and ethical ways to promote our product.

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