Guest Blogging Horrors and How to Survive Them

Guest blogging is a natural way of getting backlinks to your own blog. It helps you to become popular as a writer as well as an expert in your niche. However, you often face worst horrors while carrying out the blogging job. Here are great ideas to overcome these challenges.

Think of the topic

The first step in guest blogging is to think of the topic. Before you ask a blogger for the permission to post on their site, you should have an idea of what you want to blog about and what would be the headline of the article.

While coming up with topic ideas, make sure it has something to do with your product. If you want to add a URL of your website or say something related to your business, you should be blogging about a topic that somehow relates to the page you are linking to. If you just want to guest post to become popular on the Internet, then try to come up with ideas about which you have expertise. This helps your post to be of high interest to the readers.

Choose a quality blog to post on

Once you have chosen the topic, you need to contact the blog owner of the blog where you wan to post on. This is one of the biggest horrors of guest blogging that many people face. It may be difficult for you to choose a quality blog to post your article on. Also, you will not know how to contact the blog owner.

Choose a blog that receives high traffic every month. This results in more people reading your content and visiting your site. It is important to find the blogs that are relevant to the topic you are interested in blogging about. Consider general topic for your article such as lifestyle, finance, fitness, health, hobbies, etc and choose the top blogs that specialize in that niche. Also, you need to find out if these blogs accept guest posts. If they do, they usually have a page that carries the blogger’s guidelines. Go through these guidelines carefully before contacting the blog owner.

Before submitting your post to the blog owner, you need to do some research to get your topic approved. First, read the articles posted on that blog to get hang of the writing style, comment on several posts so that you become more familiar to the blog owner. Finally, submit your topic to the blog owner.

Editor’s Note:  Please read the guest post guidelines on the blog you choose. The blog owner includes these for a reason, so take the time to follow them.

Writing a quality guest post

This is yet another horror of guest blogging. When writing a post, follow a style that matches with the blog. Write as per the word count limits suggested by the blog owner, and make sure you edit the post several times to see that it is free from spelling and grammar errors. Create the article in such a way that keeps the reader engaged till the end.


The biggest challenge that many guest bloggers have in writing a quality post is completing their research. If you choose a topic that you are already aware of, then, you don’t have to do much research. If you still require to research, collect quality information on the topic and use them to compose your article in your own words. Don’t copy from other sources and never post an article that has been published in some other sites. This causes SEO to reject your guest post.

Respond to the readers

The final problem is that many guest bloggers fail to respond to the readers after the post is published. Keep in touch with the readers by regularly responding to their comments. This helps in promoting your post.

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  1. Hi Aliah,

    Informative and Helpful. These are the just 2 things to describe this post. There are just a lot of people who want to write but not all are truly gifted. But that’s not to be discourage about because steps like these would make anyone look like a professional writer. Thank you for sharing this post.
    Farrell John Conejos recently posted..One Piece Vs Zombies

  2. In this ever changing blogosphere, the need for fresh views, content and voices are ever so present. Take that factor and combine it with a new perspective or essay on the horror market and you’ve got something to give back to your colleagues

    Fantastic post! When people pitch me, I immediately send them my guidelines. They list what topics I’m interested in, tell them to make sure we haven’t already covered it, and specify what links I’m willing to include. I find that weeds out a lot of the spammyier ones.

  3. Very good tips! I’m ready for guest blogging, but I’m always afraid I’m going to create a boring post. Your post highlights a lot of the fears I have, so I’ll be referencing this post frequently. Thanks, Alia!
    Nida Sea recently posted..How To Know When it’s Time to Make a Career Change

  4. Great… I m very impressed. You have done an outstanding job. Thanks for sharing these wonderful blogging tips.

  5. When you say a blog has big traffic, it’s important not to fall to any kind of traffic. Especially if you write your blog post for linkbuilding. Huge traffic can also mean lots of articles and SEO juice divided to almost nothing. Also the chance of you article staying on the homepage is close to 0.

  6. thanks for these tips! I’m trying to write some guest posts for some blogs but they aren’t getting approved, maybe with these tips I can get an guest post!
    Sjaakie recently importeren

  7. Thanks for these useful tips , Selecting the right blog is important. Many people submit guest post to low quality blogs, just because they can accept any content. A quality blog need quality guest post
    Abhishek recently posted..Huge List of CommentLuv Enabled Technology Niche Blogs

  8. Hi,
    Thanks for these tips. I want to ask: sometimes it is good to develop a friendship relation with the blog owner, I know that maybe hard, but commenting on other posts and providing value in your comment would result in giving a good impression about you as a writer.
    Dima Al Mahsiri recently posted..Love what you are ,,,, live happily !

  9. Good info. I am looking to invite guest bloggers to one of my sites, and this has helped.

  10. You have really helped reduce the stress I would have gone through in finding this blogs to either comment on or guest post for, thanks”

  11. Great advice! Consider as well, those of us who do not wish to write as a primary goal, but just to let people know we exist. I’m a musician, so it’s far easier for me to SHOW you rather than TELL you. So the telling part is just to say, hey, I know what I’m talking about. I never like to write a blog or article unless I know what I’m talking about. And I agree that you should be willing to engage the readers for the long haul. I wonder if it gets hard to keep up with all the entries though. I’m not sure I’ll even remember writing this in a few minutes. :)

  12. Hi Alia,
    It is nice and informative information!! I like all the tips of guest blogging!! It seem good!
    Thanks for share with me!!
    deepak recently posted..How To Get A Girl’s Number By The Pickup Artist Kosmo

  13. I haven’t done a guest post as of yet, but when I do these tips will definitely help!! Thank you for posting them and helping those of us out who haven’t yet or aren’t yet ready to try it!

  14. Guest post is really an effective way for SEO. I think every one should do this once in a while.I must congratulate you for providing quality content on your site. So many only sell, sell, and sell. Guest blogging is a highly effective method to use in affiliate marketing. You are so accurate in stating that the blogs one visits must be in your niche

  15. Informative and helpful Thank you for sharing this post

  16. Anyone can write, but writing good, quality content takes talent and knowing what you are writing about. I love the tips and info you gave. I would like to add that everyone, blogger, guest blogger and even commenters should re-read what they have written. Even some of the simplest mistakes can turn someone off from reading a blog. Things like grammar and spelling can make a person wonder if the person writing as a “professional” is that at all. I just read a blog where someone is no longer going to blog about “being a professional…” . Why? Because they finally admitted that they were a fraud, that they knew little if anything about what they were blogging about “Make Money Online” and had not made much if any money in the few years they had been blogging about it! Just something I wanted to add to the great tips on being a guest blogger :D Have an amazing day!
    Ron recently posted..Home Business PLR Articles 2

  17. Wow, very interesting post. Thank you for this very informative post. Your article makes me realize how to start writing a good article and what is good blogging ethics. Thank you for sharing. Good job admin, keep it up.

  18. The think we should be remember always that is write for user not for search engine all tips in this blog are really good and it help me to make more quality guest post for user because after having post panda and penguin update guest posting is one of the best way to promote website and for backlinks.

  19. You have really helped reduce the stress I would have gone through in finding this blogs to either comment on or guest post for, thanks”

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  21. Many people don’t bother to read the guidelines and sometimes it is frustrating for both me and they.
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  22. Thanks for sharing, this information really helped me come to understand, it turns out it was the latter as long as I often do and never respond to the comments of others ..
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    this was nice post,
    i had an dought in the ranking,
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  24. Guest blogging is very important. It’s one of those things on my list to learn about, and start doing, but I’ve been so busy! Maybe reading this post was the first step in that direction! Thank you!!

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