Keeping Up with Your Blog for the Long Haul

Keeping Blog Longevity

Blog longevity.

Maintaining a blog for the long haul can be challenging at times. Like the ups and downs of a long-term relationship, there will be times you will want to throw in the towel and walk away. It feels like it is simply not working. Or not worth the effort.

There will be days you just don’t want to write. Sometimes weeks. There will be seasons you just don’t feel motivated. When you have a full-time job, significant life events or other projects consume your time, or life just gets hectic, maintaining a blog can be overwhelming.

I understand this. Some of my readers may have given up on me several times in the last several years. I have droughts. I had one recently. This one was a combination of significant life events combined with a full-time job.  The stress zapped any motivation to write right out of my brain.

Yet I never wanted to give up. I knew I would be back. I think most bloggers go through this phase at some point. I can’t be the only one who has neglected my blog (and my readers) on an occasion or two.

Blog Creation Has Changed

When the idea of creating a blog first develops, most people have a ton of momentum to start that new project. Excitement dominates. Ideas are flowing in, bouncing off the walls of the mind. When blogging first started out years ago you could put up a few posts, add some SEO, social marketing, and hope for a flood of visitors to your site.

Several years later, much of that has changed. Not only has the momentum fizzled, but Google has changed the rules. Old-fashioned SEO is no longer effective. Now, quality counts. This is a good thing.

Another factor is the ever-increasing creation of blogs. Blogging is no longer something new and unique. It is a lot more competitive to get readers because there are so many blogs out there.

Maintaining Blog For the Long Haul

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So what do you do? The good news is that by putting in time and effort to keep your blog going for the long haul, you have a better chance of getting traffic and returning visitors.

Most people give up too easily when they’re first starting out their blogs. They still want to believe that they can just set up a blog and watch groves of visitors come to it. In reality, creating an established blog takes time.  And dedication.  And work. But it doesn’t have to be hard.

A few things can help.

Creating unique and quality content. This is even more important today if you want to gain favor in the eyes of the search engines and even more importantly, to gain regular readers.

Publish blog posts on a regular basis. This one can be the most challenging, especially if you are the sole content provider for your blog. “Regular” can mean twice a week or daily, just make sure you are consistent.

Treat your blog like a business. Depending on your goals, this is a perspective that will help you take your blog serious, and treat it with the attention it requires.

Come up with a publishing schedule. While I don’t currently do this, it is something I have thought about doing in the future. This keeps you accountable and helps your readers know what to look for.

Take breaks. While it is important to stay consistent on updating your blog regularly, you will get burnt out at some point. Take a few days off and come back with a fresh mind.

Allow guest posts. This is one tactic I have used for a couple years now. This not only provides a different perspective from others, but gives you a break from creating fresh content. Just be sure you have guest post guidelines to keep up with quality content.

Ask readers what they would like to see. Once your blog starts getting stagnant, it may be time to reach out to your readers and ask what they would like to see. This also makes them feel like you are providing content that is relevant to them.

Write an occasional short post or a photo post. Sometimes it is okay to have a short post or photo post if you don’t have much else to write about.

Content curation. This has been a tactic that has become more popular in the last couple years. Essentially, you provide a bunch of links to other related content across the web, compiled into one post.

Assess and revise goals annually. Each year, you should take some time and assess your goals for your blog. You can look at content, monetization, marketing, and social media.

By sacrificing with some hard work in the short-term, you’ll quickly gain a lot of exposure in the long-term. Eventually you’ll have a lot of people coming to your blog because they’ll be able to see the quality of information that you’re offering. By doing it the right way at first, you’ll create a business instead of a get rich quick site.

You’ll be able to form lasting relationships with your customers that will eventually result in repeat business. By working hard and doing the necessary things the right way, your efforts will be rewarded.

Once people find a blog that has high quality content and a personal voice, they’ll be more likely to stick around and read what you have to say.

About Julie McElroy

Julie writes for Inspired to Write where she offers tips, resources, and writing inspiration for writers and bloggers. She is also a freelance writer for various websites and blogs.


  1. As I have started my own blog just a few weeks ago, I’m still at the phase of the initial excitement, feeling like I could write about our baby forever:) But I know that some months later it’ll be a bit harder to continue with the same intensity, these hints will come really handy then.
    Michael Dwenn recently posted..How to Teach Your Baby to Drink from a Sippy Cup

  2. Hi Julie, I know what you mean about having the gumption to stay with blogging for the long haul. I am on my second blog. My first was a more general audience that I started five years ago. I posted regularly for many years until this May when I just got so TIRED. Then I started a new blog aimed at my favorite, ideal client and now I’m doing much better. Blogging is really a commitment. No matter how frequently you write, there’s always a “next week’s post” to create. Thanks, Suzanne
    Suzanne recently posted..5 Things you Can Do in 10 Minutes Daily That Will Move your Practice Forward

    • I know, it can be a lot of commitment! =) I also have a travel blog, which is a huge passion!! SO I love to write there, too. But since I don’t travel as often as I like, the posts there are not as frequent. BUt it does help to write about something you love. THanks for the comment!

  3. Thanks Julie..

    Nice to hear from you again.. I have been doing my blog since Sept 2007 as I just wanted to get out there all that I have learned about life & astrology.. oracles.. fate & desinty etc et al in my life.. And it all started with my one day “noticing” & photographing a sign that read “Be Published”.. And, this really struck me as yet another sign of the all knowing Univer speaking to me loud & clear in that very moment.. And to me this is the deepest kind of “intimacy” we can each ever attain.. ie. to be in touch with our deep “connection” to the apparent ordinary everyday world that surrounds us.. And, so I began my blog in order to begin sharing with the wider world my various personal experiences.. & what was going on for me at various stages.. along with also examining what is going on in the world through the eyes of the Cosmic science of astrology.. philosophy, signs & symbols etc.. And all of our own unique individual life experiences & “issues” etc all relating to all the often hidden or unoticed signs & symbols of this world that we are forever surrounded by & all a most intimate part of.. Or being “in-Tune” with the Divine inspiration within us & without.. ie. “As above.. So below”.. “As within.. So without” etc et al.. forever…. Trying to go with “the flow” of life.. arising from the mysterious deep within….. ie. staying “in-tune” with the world around us.. And, as my favourite astrologer Steven Forrest says, “The Yoga, of life, is easy to say.. much harder to live”.. of course…. And, yet.. try or do, we must…..

    Darrell recently posted..Mars Opposing My Ascendant.. And, Dealing With Skeptics..

  4. Brand new to blogging but I think I’m in it for the long haul.

    The good thing is I’ve been writing for decades, mostly fiction. Although I have taken a few sabbaticals from writing, like the Terminator, I always come back.

    I’m a bit peeved at myself that it’s taken this long for me to jump into the blogging business.

    Certainly, if I had done it when I first considered it, I’d be light years ahead of where I am today.

    While making a million bucks would be wonderful, it’s not my soul motivation.

    A real writer can get immense pleasure just from the feel of a pen in his hand, or perhaps from reading something he wrote on a napkin seven years ago on a snowy Minneapolis night, perhaps the first tentative murmurings of a planned novel– and gain tremendous emotional satisfaction.

    • Funny, I am starting to think about fiction. I have only written non-fiction. People jump into blogging everyday – it is never too late to start! Thank you for your comments! =)

  5. Hi everybody,
    Nice to read your post little things I want to share. To keep your blog update you have to do regular blog posts and post content must be easy to understand and read. I am also doing my blog since last year, I use to spend 5-6 hours daily to get my updated and interesting for users sharing latest information about technologies etc. Use some social plugins for like, tweet, g+ and guest post allow users to share their information. Their for your information to keep up with the blog .


  6. Some interesting points in your article. I started my blog only recently and thought I would post just a few small comments. After doing further research I realized that this would not be enough to sure up my website with search engines. I have now started writing longer articles. I am not terribly good at putting my thoughts to writing but with every blog post I feel that I am improving my writing skills.
    It is not as easy as I originally envisaged and you are right. With life commitments it is easy to let the blog writing stall. I love your idea of a publishing schedule. I am going to set aside enough time to write 2 quality articles a week.

    Thanks Julie for the useful advice.

    William Paul recently posted..How to bleed a radiator

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