Six Tips For Writing Effective Email

Editor’s Note: This is a guest post from Sofia Williams. Please read more about Sofia in the bio footer.

Internet plays an important part in the lives of present generation whether it is for entertainment, education or Jobs. Today’s generation lives in the chat world having text chat, voice chat and video chats. Children also use internet to apply online for the universities, colleges and jobs. And the problem arises when they forget the P’s and Q’s and also to apply basic English grammar correctly for their formal material.

Communication should have some manner, ingenuity and also social acceptability. There are various types of communication that we all are doing in our day to day life. It can be a communication with your client, an interview, a job application or an appointment with your principle, doctor or someone special, you need to have a proper manner and a professional dialog.

Here I am going to share some of the key factors that you need to follow while drafting email:

1) Subject Line – Always write an effective and meaningful subject line. Your motto of mailing should be clear just by reading the subject. The reason is that most of the people don’t read all the emails because of incoming bulk of emails, they just go through the subject line of the emails in order to decide whether the email needs to open or forward to any folder, file or just trash them.

If the subject line is blank, vague or worst then you will miss the chance to open your email and getting it read by the receiver. Before clicking on “send” button, just take some moments to check and write the subject accurately that clearly describe the content of the email.

2) Distinguish Formal or Informal situations – Identify the formal and informal situations. If you are writing an email to your friend or someone close, then using “smiles” :-), abbreviations like “LOL”, “IIRC” etc, or shortcut words are ok.

But if you are writing for any formal situation where others demand formal approach then don’t use informal words and write accordingly to leave your good impression. Just understand the situation and act accordingly. Use of Mr. and Ms. looks formal.

3) Focus on the message – Keep focus on the matter of the message you want to deliver. Sometimes on long texts just binding introduction, people lose their interest of reading further, so keep it short, precise and focused. Don’t make long stories, just come to point.

4) Avoid Attachments – Try to avoid unnecessary attachments. Instead, you can copy/paste the important matter from the document to the message body of the email.

5) Clearly Identify You – Identify yourself clearly. Include your name, occupation and other necessary identification in the first few lines of the mail. This will quickly remind your recipient about you.

6) Respond Quickly – To appear more professional, respond quickly to every email by making you available to your online correspondents. Even if you are busy and just reply “Sorry, I am very busy right now, I will reply you soon.” This will give your correspondent a message for not waiting for your reply right now.


  1. This is really great advice. I hadn’t even thought of number six. I need to do that more often.

    And I always write really lame subject lines. I need to work on that as well. :)
    Lauren recently posted..Y is for Yes, More T.S. Eliot

  2. I agree with you that blog commenting is also one of the best ways to marketing your blog.
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  3. Nice info which will be prove so useful for all blogger and online marketers. Email marketing is very popular
    way of marketing today. Many are proven succeed in this business.
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  4. Many companies, causes and organizations engage in irritating marketing practices, and once you irritate people you are marketing to, you’ve most likely lost them as potential consumers of your content or product forever..
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  5. Gisselle says:

    Emails are actually very important especially to bloggers and businessmen that use online marketing.. This is a great help.. Thank you!
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  6. very good tips for business people in the company
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  7. Claire says:

    Email marketing is very popular way of marketing today. Many are proven succeed in this business, and once you irritate people you are marketing to, you’ve most likely lost them as potential consumers of your content or product forever..
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  8. I definitely agree with these tips! Another tip would be to use capital letters properly and when needed. Like for example, when you use “I” or when you start sentences. I noticed the people tend to forget this and it would make emails look unprofessional.
    Elena Anne recently posted..Headaches and Exercise: Causes and Treatments

  9. These are some excellent tips you have given on writing an email. I like the details you have given. The best tip I liked is that we should respond quickly to emails. I think this is the most important thing.

  10. Michelle says:

    I think email is such a powerful tool. Having said this, I think that it can either make or break you, in terms of making an impression and representing you and your business. Great tips here Sofia. A personal pet peeve s when someone doen’t reply to an email on time, so I guess that’s the tip that sticks out for me.

  11. Having a straight to the point will also help your reader to catch your intention and reason of your letter.

  12. Very helpful. I had to write an email for a job in England and as I´m foreign, I didn´t know how to write a formal email in English. Obviously, I knew not to use abbreviations or smileys, but this post had some great tips.
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  13. Email marketing is really important nowadays and I always make sure every email I get about my products get answered as soon as I see them.
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  14. I would add the tips to be clear in your thoughts expression as # 7 and to make some presents as #8.
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  15. Email marketing is the next growing thing that is in the market today… according the reports i recently read email marketing comes on the 4 th position, and one more point that can be added to the blog it that your content should be more precise and to the point, this makes it more easier and understandable to the reader

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