Avoiding Creative Writing Atrophy


Blank mind

Stagnant. Stale. Dry. Empty. Dormant. Blank.

In other words: uninspired.

You may have noticed I have not shared much of my writing these last few months. I have published several guest posts, intermingled with some resourceful and curation posts. But I have published little of my own writing inspiration.

Maybe you have not noticed.

But I have.

For some reason, I have not been inspired to write lately. So I haven’t. Which leads to the neglect of my blog, The neglect of my readers. And I am sorry.

It seems my muse has left town on an extended vacation, without so much as a postcard. Just to assure me she will be coming back. I know she will, but until then, I am blank.

Does the busyness of life crush the creative spirit?

Life has been dynamic since the beginning of 2012. Maybe too dynamic. New job. New relationship. Lots of travel. The dissolving of friendships. The creation and kindling of new ones. New writing ventures. And more…

Maybe all the changes have shifted my focus, my energy. Thoughts absent in the right brain with full attention on the things present in the left side. Pushing out creativity with it. Can there be room for both?

Balance is lacking right now. And I need to bring that balance back. Doesn’t this seem like such a challenge in life – maintaining balance?

Most of the changes have been positive, but yet they have been distracting. On an emotional level, too. The lack of inspiration does not mean I have not been inspired. It just means I have not been able to translate that inspiration into relevant and meaningful words.

Why the lack of writing?

There could be many reasons I have been neglecting the time required to create any inspiring or even coherent writing piece. Too busy, lack of motivation, loss of routine, distractions, scattered thoughts.

The simple truth is I have been lazy. I got out of a routine to hyper-focus on the things in my personal and professional life. However, I have not taken the time to write.  Not only have I neglected my blog, I have not jotted down anything in a journal or for other publications.

Scattered brain thoughts pulled into dozens of directions without the quiet time to gather them together. To formulate the ideas and get them on paper or a word processor. These words have been like steam inside a pressure cooker, ready for escape.

The lack of expressing my thoughts in writing has also generated bottled up feelings, leading to random (and sometimes misconstrued) explosions. I believe feelings need to be leaked slowly and consistently. There are different ways to do this: meditation, exercise, counseling. Writing is a catharsis for people who write. Without the release of those jumbled words that smash around in your head, you lose the ability to scrutinize your thoughts.

The writing muscles are much like the body’s muscles. If you don’t use them, you develop atrophy. By neglecting my writing, those muscles have also degenerated and become weak.

The longer I put it off, the worse it becomes. Today, I decided to stimulate those muscles, get them back in shape. I don’t know if this will be the genesis of my writing groove, but it is a start. I need to do it.

I hope you have not lost interest in visiting my site. And if you are a brand new reader, I hope you can come back and share this writing journey with me.

Until then, here’s to bringing back inspiration. However, rocky and distracting the road may be.

About Julie McElroy

Julie writes for Inspired to Write where she offers tips, resources, and writing inspiration for writers and bloggers. She is also a freelance writer for various websites and blogs.


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