10+ Great Sub-Reddits for Writers

Editor’s Note:  this is a guest post from David Lazar.  Please read more about David in the bio footer.

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Here you can improve your writing skills, get honest criticism of your writing, and some needed and deserved encouragement. You can also learn new words, help others, and find and make friends with many like-minded Redditors.

Let me help by sharing some of the most helpful subreddits for every aspiring writer or fan of words in general.

1.) Writing is a subreddit with over 24,000 readers and the first stop for aspiring writers on Reddit. As its name says, the focus is on the written word: anything about fiction, nonfiction, your own creative writing, popular authors, and so on.

There is also a similar, still growing, subreddit Writers. I cannot help but agree with the creator of this subreddit, who says, “Life is all about art, and painting pictures. Some do it through music, some take the literal route, and some get creative with the dictionary. This subreddit is for those of us who prefer to manipulate language to our advantage, and create characters out of thin air.”

Make sure to check out both of these subreddits, subscribe and join their community.

2.) Literature is all about books and plays. Find literary criticism here along with insightful articles and food for any writer’s brain.

3.) Freelance Writers intention is to share tips about writing and landing writing jobs and gigs. If you are serious about your writing and plan to build a career with it, keep tabs on this subreddit.

4.) Logophilia is a place for “the lovers of words.” Share and learn interesting and unusual words here. What is awesome about Logolites (Logophilia’s redditors) is that you can use their vast knowledge when looking for a word you’ve forgotten or an evasive synonym.

5.) ScreenWriting is, as its name suggests, an aspiring screenwriter’s haven. This is a subreddit where it is acceptable to submit y.ur own scripts. Don’t expect pats on the shoulder or lukewarm praise here. Brace yourself for some strong criticism and a good walloping. Redditors are famous for their sincere and strong opinions. What you can expect though, is some sound advice and tips on how to improve your screenwriting. If you want to have your script read, definitely check out ReadMyScript as well.

6.) Reddit Stories is actually a regularly updated collection of longish Reddit comments that are very well written and a treat for avid readers. Comments on Reddit are what make this community so addictive and precious.

7.) OneParagraph is what I like to call “fiction on the go.” This is a subreddit for small format fiction, limited to a single paragraph. Try to tell a story in only one paragraph and contribute to OneParagraph – it is an excellent exercise for polishing your writing skills.

8.) RoundRobin is a subreddit for collaborative writing. You can start a story by writing an introduction and can continue others’ stories as well. This is also a great place for practicing your writing skills and spurring your creativity.

9.) Wordplay is a playground for writers, wordsmiths, story weavers and all other creative users of the English language. Wordplay gives you the opportunity to explore the meanings of words and enlarge your vocabulary.

10) Poetry is a must for aspiring poets. Submit your verses or find inspiration and food for thought in poems written by lyrically inclined Redditors. Encourage and advise in order to get the same in return.

And of course, every true writer and word-addict should check out Bookit. You will find many book-related posts, including recommendations, reviews, stories about books, book technology and lots of other goodies.

See you on Reddit!

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