Writing Offers Different Perspective on Same Old Story

How many times have you read about something in the news or a piece of history that sounded like a completely different event?

The beauty of writing is it puts a new perspective on the same old story.  When you read history books, you will get an entirely different perspective, depending on who wrote about the event.  Many historical recollections taught in history books combine these perspectives to get a pretty accurate interpretation of an event that occured.

When you later read the different historical accounts from various personal perspectives, you may be enlightened to read the various interpretations.

Words are powerful.

Writers use words to express a thought, feeling, or an event.  These words are not always articulated in such a detailed and flowing manner when spoken. The written word can be even more powerful.  The written word takes the rough, random thoughts we have in our minds and puts them in a coherent sentence, phrase, or passage.  People simply do not speak how they write.

Sure, some people are great verbal story tellers.  You meet them at parties and they usually have a crowd around them anticipating in the next punch line.  But, that person has rehearsed the story and it is probably not the first time he or she has spoken it to an attentive audience.  Imagine if that person had the written skills to express that story.  I am guessing it would offer a different answer to the question: what happened next?

Same Event – Different Story

September 11, 2001 was a tragic day in American history.  Those who were alive on that day will never forget it.  Now, imagine the different perspectives you will read depending on who wrote a recollection of events.  The event was the same – two airplanes crashed into the Word Trade Center leading to a collapse of both buildings.  The same ten people who witnessed the events offer a different angle,depending on how their written lens interprets that horrific day.

The bits and pieces of events we have all experienced throughout life accumulates in our brains. Writing shares with all if it’s readers a completely different spin, only seen from the author’s lens.

Writing can always be new, even if the story is old.  One author may have a completely different style and perspective of writing.  A different voice.  This is not just with historical events, but an opinion piece (the same opinion).  Writing makes each story or article sound fresh and new because it is looked at through each writer’s lens. Each perspective provides different words that readers may have never thought of before. Even the SAME writer!

Writing offers descriptive words that flow from the abstract depths of the mind onto the concrete paper or computer screen.  Often times, it does not come out the same.  Our moods, our experiences, our education, our audience, and even our values. This can change on a regular basis.

Take a look at some old writing of yours, an old article, journal entry, or a fiction piece.  How would you write it today?  How would someone else write it?

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Julie writes for Inspired to Write where she offers tips, resources, and writing inspiration for writers and bloggers. She is also a freelance writer for various websites and blogs.

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