Relax and Just Go with the Flow

“Surrender is the simple but profound wisdom of yielding to rather than opposing the flow of life.”  ~Eckhart Tolle

Go with the FlowIn the chaotic world we live in, with all the distractions, noises, interruptions, and disruptions of our life’s plans, how can one ever get anything done? It is a challenge to focus on one thing at a time.  To concentrate on one task.  To put energy into one idea. It seems we need constant movement, brain multi-tasking, and stimulus overload.

People-watching can be quite fun in a restaurant.  Just watch sometime.  Notice how many people find it difficult to just pay attention to a conversation without texting or emailing someone else at the same time.  Or at least having their iPhone within arm’s reach. We can not just go with the flow.  And simply enjoy the moment.






just around the corner.

Right?? What if we miss an important Facebook update?  What if an important email comes in? How can we just sit home and relax when we can be out socializing?

We force relationships because our time is running out and we can’t be alone. We rush into something because we don’t want to take the time to really see the person for who he or she is.  Because if we do, we might see all the flaws and remove the joy in the fairy tale. Or realize they are completely wrong for us.

Even if we feel like we are going against traffic of swimming upstream, we still choose this route to find happiness in all the wrong places with all the wrong people.

It is a world we live in where instant gratification is the only thing to please our impatient nature. Everything has to happen NOW, the way we want it to, even if it DOES feel forced or fake. We can’t wait patiently downstream for the joy to flow to us.  That could take to long. We have to seek it out, even if it goes against the flow.

We have to be constantly MAKING SOMETHING HAPPEN, instead of letting things HAPPEN TO US once in awhile. We try and force things that may not be right because we don’t want to miss out.  We don’t stop and smell the roses.  We barely even notice the garden! We walk by, hurrying on to the next place.

How many times do we want something so badly that we keep trying to make it happen whether in a career, relationships, hobbies, or even our own value system? Even if it goes against all we believe in.  Why do we do this?  To fit in maybe? To feel like we are a part of something? Because we don’t want to wait for things to happen in the natural course. The way God has planned it to happen.

The Truth is…

Raw inspiration is unexpected, not planned.  True love should not be forced or rushed.  Real passion for a career comes easily. and brings joy. Genuine friendships happen naturally.  Things should not be forced or demanded. When you hear the voice in your head or the feeling in your gut telling you that something is not right, listen to it. It’s God’s way of guiding you on the right path.

Is it okay to go against the natural flow? To stir up the post?  Yes, of course, but not because you are rebelling, not because you lost patience to let things happen naturally. But because you are original. Because you are seeking an alternate path – one that is new and hopeful. We are ALL original when we are born, why not stay that way?  Go with your own flow.  Not everyone else’s.

But, have the wisdom to know when it is time to surrender and find a path of least resistance. Life should be fun and joyous! Not miserable or painstakingly difficult. Take time to relax. To single-task.  One thing at a time.  Focusing on one thing can help you see things more clearly.

So what if we miss out because we put some of the distractions and disruptions aside?

We need to find a way to feed our soul with simple things, helping others, the joy of God’s love and grace, the genuineness of true love and real friendships. Life does not ALWAYS need to be an uphill battle.

We need to not only stop and smell the roses, but sit down for a few moments and enjoy the natural flow of life.

About Julie McElroy

Julie writes for Inspired to Write where she offers tips, resources, and writing inspiration for writers and bloggers. She is also a freelance writer for various websites and blogs.


  1. Hmm very interesting post julie.

  2. I am sure that this post is liked by everyone and i am looking forward to letting my friends know about it… Thanks Julie…..

  3. Beautiful post. You are very right, so many people try to stay in touch or stay “connected” to the whole bunch of people in one moment, that they are never truly connected to a single one of them. I recently had a meeting with my old and dear friend whom I have not seen for some 3 years. While I was really glad to see him, I didn’t enjoy it so much because he wouldn’t let his mobile go, checking on other people, updating, reading and responding to SMS. There was no feeling of the moment when we communicate, and so many people think it’s normal.
    I liked your allegory on the flow of life. In some social situation, just “to follow the flow” means to have no personal attitude, not be inactive, to be unmotivated, to take whatever comes to you. And for quite a lot of people, to “go against the current” is a life motto. They have to spend whole life fighting against prejudice, or system, or proving they’re better than others, or other things. I cannot tell that one or the other approach is entirely right, because it depends. If you “follow the flow of the river” in the sense you’re not taking responsibility, and don’t enjoy what you’ve got int he moment, it’s not a way to go. But if to the contrary you fight all your life, and cannot even tell what FOR you’re fighting, while you know very well what AGAINST =) In such situations, we have to stop and look if we’re missing the actual life that is passing by. In “Men who stare at goats”, there is beautiful thought regarding it, it’s called “optimal trajectory”. It’s pretty good to follow the flow if it’s the river of your destiny, if you found your “calling” and follow it, the life gets very easy and harmonious. If you’re not in the situation when you found your life mission, you will find obstacles and find against the current.
    I absolutely agree with you, sometimes we have to surrender to feel life, as if you spend all of it fighting or “socializing” or forcing any other activity without being confortable, you’re missing the beauty of life.
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    • LOL Sounds like someone I know! :) It is annoying, but I this seems to be “the norm” and I should not be bothered by the fact that he can not just enjoy my company. TO be honest, I think it is rude! That was an odd movie and somehow I must have missed that. But, I do think people try to force things so often and this continues to create conflict.
      Thanks for your comment!

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