10 High Paying Freelance Writing Gigs

As a freelance writer, it can get frustrating when you are only finding low-paying gigs. Sure, in the beginning, it was great to see that first $5 or $10 payout for an article. Once upon a time, $.03 / word seemed lucrative.

Now, you feel, “I am worth more than that. I am ready to join the big leagues and take my writing serious.”  After a while, you may have built up your skills and are ready for bigger, higher paying pieces.

While there is money to be made with revenue sharing, these websites are opportunities for pay-per-piece.  Some of the submissions will have a long waiting period and payment is not instant.  PLEASE read the writer’s guidelines for each site to understand the terms.  Remember, you are a professional writer and no longer in the amateur boat, which means you get PAID to write.

1. Broken Pencil - This site is geared towards independent arts, alternative and independent culture. Pay: $30 – $300/article

2. International Living - A website with articles about saving or making money while traveling, working, retiring, or living overseas. Pay: $50/article

3. Blue Mountain Arts – Have creative greeting card poems or ideas?  Greeting card company. Pay: $50 one time submission or $300 for exclusive rights

4. Family Fun – A site that has more than 2 million subscribersbeen and around since 1991, with a focus on ideas and activities for families with children ages 3 to 12.  Pay: $1.25/word and up

5. Freelance Switch - Freelance writers can submit a useful, original blog post to Freelance Switch and earn money in the process. Pay: $50/blog post

6. SitePoint – for all those techno-internet-geeks out there, this a great place to share your knowledge on web-based technology.  Pay: $100 plus bonuses for page views

7. Northwest Magazine – those living in the northwestern U.S.  can contribute non-fiction, essay-type regional interest articles to this website.  Pay:  $100-$650, depending on story type.

8. US Airways Magazine – This airline is looking for various travel or feature articles for their magazine. Pay: $1.00/word

9. Poetry Foundation – If poetry is your preferred writing method and you have some talent in that genre, this site accepts various types of poetry submissions.  Pay: $300 +

10. Road & Travel Looking to write an article about autos, travel, and personal safety topics aimed at upscale consumers, with a slant towards women, 29-59. Pay: $25 – $100/article.

About Julie McElroy

Julie writes for Inspired to Write where she offers tips, resources, and writing inspiration for writers and bloggers. She is also a freelance writer for various websites and blogs.


  1. Lol. I always thought I wanted to try writing for a living. Then I started a website and found out it is either a great deal more difficult than it looks and sounds or I slept through that part of my education processes possibly both. My hat is off to those able to earn a living with words. Nice post.

    • Yes, it is HARD work – there are no get rich quick as many spammers would like you to believe for only $9.97! So, you have to love it to continue. But, it can pay off with hard work and understanding how online writing works. But, I think that is true with any entrepreneurial venture. Thanks for the comment!

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  3. Hi, I am interested to know whether these websites pay writers on the spot (when you submit your article) or like associated content after a number of views. Thanks.

    • You will have to look at the guidelines for each of the publishers – they are all different in their payment policies. These are not “residual income” sites, they are mostly pay one time for the work.

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