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I recently got a comment on my Teaching Blog that I have not written in for over a year!  I put this blog on the backburner, since a) I am not currently teaching and b) I got busy with different writing ventures, including updating my Inspired to Write blog, and c) just wasn’t very lucrative, nor did it get a lot of traffic.

Well, I followed the comment and realized it was no longer a “” site.  After looking further, I discovered has moved to

This new blog site is based on the WordPress platform.  That is a good thing.

After I logged in, I realized all my posts and comments were seamlessly transferred over Update: As of July 25, 2010 they are no longer there!

The big difference with this new format is how you get paid.  You will get paid with the ads via Google AdSense.  Therefore, EVEN IF YOU DO NOT POST on this blog anymore, I would highly recommend you add your Google Adsense code in order to make some money from this site.  Depending on the articles, you may get increased traffic, now that it is a WordPress theme. Note: Currently (as of June 28, 2010), you can not add your Google Adsense code.

Now, since Blogdog is hosting your website, you can not do too much modification.  However, you can edit your links and the pages sections. No longer true! The site is still under construction, so there will probably be more changes.

This may be something worth looking into if that blog is inactive.

For those that have stayed active and maintain a blog on BlogDog, I would love comments on how the changes have affected your traffic and/or earnings!!

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  1. Yeah I wouldn’t hold my breath on allowing that – I suspect the orgiinal company sold all the blogs to a 3rd party. A third party who doesn’t know that they are doing my previous today blog was about australia – and is showing ads about dogs LOL
    Lis Sowerbutts recently posted..Is Lis Lost Down Under


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