Making the Plunge Switching from Blogger to WordPress

You may have noticed that I have drastically changed the look of my blog and decided to take it to the next level. I have been considering moving over from Blogger to WordPress for some time now. I decided to do this switch almost completely due to  the Thesis Theme for WordPress. The reason I have been putting it off for so long is I knew what a time-consuming process the switch would entail.

So, I took the plunge.  I was right, it took a lot of work to switch over.

Everyone will have a different experience in this transition. For some javascript-CSS-knowledgeable-geeky-technical-savants this may be a walk in the park. I did not have a clue.

My Migration Situation

Some bloggers may use a blogspot extension and others may have their own domain.  I had my own domain already and was switching from a hosted blog, like or to a self-hosted blog like  In addition, I decided to run my blog under the Thesis Theme. Lots of work and time!

Valuable Steps and Lessons Learned

Get a host for your “self-hosted” blog

This is a good first step once you decided to take the plunge.  Since you will no long have a built in host like Blogger, you will need to get your own host to utilize WordPress.  There is a monthly fee for this service. Yes, you are now crossing over to serious blogging.  The kind that costs money.

I had no idea which hosting company to use.  I have seen BlueHost, iPage, HostGator, and many others on various blogs. To see a side by side comparison of host sites, check out  WebHostingSearch, Hosting Review Center, and WebHostingGeeks. These get updated quite often, so ultimately, the choice is yours.

After reviewing the reviews, I decided that Host Monster would be the best choice!  It has worked out great for me. They offer professional web hosting for only $6.95. Many times they will run specials for even cheaper! Can’t go wrong!

What the heck is a FTP and why do I need it?

This is a new concept that is also not a requirement for hosted sites.  But, the good news is you can find one to download for FREE.  Bottom line is if you have your own host, there has to be way to get files from your computer to the host and vice-versa. This is where File Transfer Protocol (FTP) comes in. It is essentially a network protocol used to get files from one host to another over the Internet. You WILL need this if your site is self-hosted. There are a variety of options to choose from here as well. I use Filezilla.

Download WordPress

Once you have a host and a FTP solution in place, it is time to get the WordPress software. You can download this directly from their website, This is a pretty easy process, just follow the steps. After you download WordPress, you are ready to go.

Note: If you have your own domain and want to keep it, change your own domain on Blogger to Blogspot domain BEFORE you transfer anything.

After you are set up with WordPress, you will have a basic theme on the site you can customize.  It is up to you whether you want to set your blog up using the Thesis Theme.  If you do, you can click on it in the sidebar of my blog and ENJOY!!

Resources for Moving From Blogger to WordPress

MamaBlogga maintains the Ultimate Guide for migrating from Blogger to WordPress. Lots of information here and she will respond to any comments you may post. This is old, so be sure you are aware of any updates Blogger or WordPress may have.

SEO Chat has good info on Moving from Blogger to WordPress using your own domain.

Clazh – Move from Blogger to WordPress and Maintain Permalinks and Traffic – This has a step-by-step guide, specifically by having a local version of WordPress (which I highly recommend!).

More great information in a three-part series from iBlog Zone.

Blog Bloke gives a Complete Guide on how to move over to WordPress!

Video Tutorials

Chris Arthur had a good tutorial on how to download WordPress locally or for Mac users, here is another option.  Having a local version allows you to mess with the code without messing up your live blog.

Lisa from 2CreateaWebsite has AWESOME tutorials on youTube, including creating a local copy of WordPress and a Filezilla FTP tutorial.

Sherple also has Thesis 101 tutorials for those that get Thesis.

Hopefully, loaded with this information you will not feel COMPLETELY overwhelmed like I did when considering this transition.  Good luck and look for future tips on WordPress and Thesis!

About Julie McElroy

Julie writes for Inspired to Write where she offers tips, resources, and writing inspiration for writers and bloggers. She is also a freelance writer for various websites and blogs.


  1. Just wandered on in, and have already bookmarked this post. I’ve been looking for something that explains the issues regarding setting up WordPress – yes, you’ll have to buy your own hosting (not always that expensive: I pay $5 a month for hosting), you’ll have to get familiar with FTP, etc.

    But the upside is huge, especially in terms of search traffic and having your own domain name. More serious bloggers need to do as you have done, I feel.
    ashok recently posted..Jane Kenyon- “The Blue Bowl”

    • Julie McElroy says:

      Thanks! I agree, I paid for 2 years up front and used money from my freelance earninga, so it really didn’t “cost” me a thing!

      • Feel free to update as things come to mind. I’m regretting I didn’t write a post about how much more search traffic I was getting once I got my own domain – it’s like blogger (blogspot esp.) is discriminated against, in a way. Not sure about this.
        ashok recently posted..Jane Kenyon- “The Blue Bowl”

  2. I’ve been using WP for a long time and I find it awesome.
    It is very easy to use.
    Alan recently posted..Fast Weight Loss Diets Confusion

  3. really good post!!
    leonid recently posted..Тенториум Плюс

  4. You are new to wordpress so you are using Filezilla as your FTP client. I would suggest using SFTP in filezilla , because recently there were many hacking attempts on blogs using FTP for transferring data. FTP is unsecured.

    Anyways, Congrats for successful migration to WP and I hope it helps you take your blog to the completely new level! Good luck and stay in touch!
    Rohit Sane recently posted..How to hack a Twitter Account Profile

    • Julie McElroy says:

      Thanks Rohit – I was not aware of this!! I will check into that. Is it a whole other software?

  5. Julie, this is a good informational post. I do have blogger blogs but I am afraid of converting or jumping it into WordPress platform. My blogs do contains quite number of posts and I am afraid that I might loose it during the switch.

    Hopefully, sometime soon, I can make the switch and I’ll be checking out this post of yours as a reference.
    Kristel recently posted..Barbie Dress Up Games

    • Julie McElroy says:

      Actually with WordPress if you click import, it will transfer all of your blog posts – easy!! There are plenty of plugins too that will help with the transition. All of my posts came from Blogger. You will still have your blogger blog once you transfer if you want to be sure you will not lose them. I kept mine, just changed it to a post. Also, be sure to change the settings to not allow search engines to find your old blog. Good luck!!

    • Like Julie said, the process of importing from blogger is really simple these days. I can recall it being a really drawn out deal where you had to know all of the file sizes and such. Now you can easily convert the files for importing.
      tonyknuckles @113Tidbits recently posted..My Fix Of The Fox Bug – Day 34

  6. Good choice on moving to WordPress away from Blogger. It’s a necessary move if you want to grow your blog while still having tons of options available, instead of being “locked” in the Blogger system.

  7. WordPress is much better than blogger
    more customization and a lot of great plugins
    Giochi Super Mario recently posted..New Super Mario World 2

  8. I’ve moved over to WordPress from the blogger system over four years ago and never looked back. The blogspot sites merely help me to get more impressions for other resources.
    tonyknuckles @113Tidbits recently posted..Streamlining And Tweeting For Your Reactions Via Comments

  9. Thank you so much —This is exactly what I needed and at the right moment for our Diet Regrets project/site!! I am very hesitant and almost feel like just starting it all over since we haven’t been doing it long. This was very well written and I’m now even more convinced about using the thesis theme!! I keep reading about it. Thanks –
    Meredith O’Malley, RD
    Meredith recently posted..Motivation Quotes For Weight Loss &amp Getting Healthy

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