eReader Purchase Dilemma: Kindle or Nook or iPad

Remember when the hardest decision when it came to books was ‘fiction or nonfiction’ or ‘romance or thriller’? Not so much anymore with the age of technology.  Now, we also have to decide how we are going to read those books. Hmph!

I read a lot of books.  Most of the time, two or three at the same time.  Many times, I only get halfway through a book, and once in a while I will actually finish one all the way to the end.  Amazon has been on my internet favorites for almost ten years now and a provider for many of the books I have bought over the years.

Now, we have eReaders to read books in a slim design that can carry thousands of books, magazines, and newspapers. All for less than one pound.  First, there was Amazon’s Kindle.  But, as things always happen in the free market I live in, competitors will surface. There are now many more eReader options to choose from.

The three main competitors are the previously mentioned Kindle, Barnes and Noble’s Nook, and the latest Apple iPad. All of these are capable of reading books online, but the Kindle and the Nook were designed for that specific purpose.

Now, Apple’s iPad comes on scene in all it’s glory, which is basically a blown up iPhone without the phone. It is in full blown color, it had more apps, 3G access, and a big enough screen to comfortable read a book.  It is a pretty cool gadget with a pretty high price tag. Sounds like most of the gadgets that come out of the iMustHaveNow world that Apple produces.

So, yesterday was my birthday and I have been thinking about treating myself to a handy, thin, little lightweight eReader…

Now, here is my dilemma. Do I buy a Kindle with the great book and magazine selection, ease of use, and light weight from Amazon? How about the Nook with the FREE WiFi access, color touchscreen and ePub support? Or the iPad with hundreds of apps, abilities to have photos and videos, and WiFi or 3G internet access? (I really do no know, but I am leaning away from an iPad.)

There is a great comparison of Nook and Kindle that has actually not really swayed me in either direction, but it lays out the pros and cons extensively.

It seems that the Kindle or Nook are sufficient for what I am looking for – a way to read books without the bulk of carrying around actual books.

Do I really need all the thousands of apps that the iPad offers?  With a monthly fee for the 3G connections, super-uber proprietary rights on apps and iBooks that will have super-uber high prices, I am thinking probably not.  Yes, it is a fun toy, but it really may be more than I need in an eReader.

Then I read TechCrunch’s post on Kindle’s pathetic upgrade and I was completely confused.

Readers: Any advice I will appreciate and consider in my buying decision!  SO, please comment!

UPDATE: I made my decision!  Read about it here!

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  1. I just got a Sony Reader Pocket Edition and I love it. It’s inexpensive, and open to a variety of formats (including DRM library books). The software used to load books kind of sucks if you’re using a Mac like me, but you only need to wrestle with it once every few weeks or month, so it’s not so bad.

    If you primarily want a device for reading, I strongly recommend getting something with e-ink (such as the SOny, also the Kindle and nook). It’s is so much better on your eyes. Go to a store and play with one if you haven’t the difference between that and things like the iPad (which is basically a bright computer screen) is night and day.

    Also, if you’re concerned about “super-uber proprietary right” stay away from Kindle and Amazon as well as Apple and the iPad.

    • Julie McElroy says:


      I agree! I love my Kindle – eInk is the way to go, which is why I didn’t buy the iPad! It is one of the best investments on a gadget I actually use on a regular basis! I know the proprietary but I decided I buy most of my books from Amazon anyhow…. Check out this article on why I went Kindle.

  2. Hi Julie, I’m not sure which one your purchased. From a purely cost point of view i love the kindle. My Mom and Dad both have one and they love it.

    That being said i am totally in love with my iPad. I spend so much time reading from it as well as doing stuff like browsing the net and checking email from my bed. It really is a tough decision but i dont think you would go wrong with either. It really depends on what you want one for.

    I guess this post is kind of old now. Which one did you get?

    • Definitely the Kindle for reading! And since that time, I got the Xoom as well – the iPad never really appealed to is too… simple… I think the Xoom is the best option for a tablet – faster and more customized and also open source!!! Besides, Google is going to take over the world! hahaha But, I still use my Kindle for reading books! I guess you need more than one gadget these days!

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