15 Great Resources to Put in your Back Pocket For Writing Inspiration

There are times I get so bogged down with life, I completely lose inspiration for writing or anything that could be considered creative. I have been in this place for a few weeks now, as you can see by my sparse posts. Well, I am attempting to reenergize my creative side. I even purchased Chicken Soup for the Writer’s Soul to find inspiration. Great book to help rekindle the writer’s soul!

Well, I had some time to catch up on reading other blogs and found some great resources for those times you need some “rekindling.”  (However, the Chicken Soup book is also a good resource.)

1.  10 Sure-Fire Headline Formulas that Work - These are great ideas for titles to catch a reader’s attention.

2.  Creative Writing Idea – These ideas apply more to fiction writing, but can be helpsul to get the mind thinking!

3.  Get Into It – A simple website with ideas on not only what to do when you have writer’s block, but what NOT to do.

4.  Writing.com – Abundant resource to connect with other writers and maintain a writing profile.

5.  50 Ways for Writers to Find Article Ideas – Lots of practical tips to help spark ideas for articles/blog posts.

6.  31 ways to find Inspiration for Your Writing – A list of ideas that help with writing inspiration from Write to Done.

7.  How Writing Can be Like Hot Sex: 17 Hot Tips – How to reach potential for mind-blowing writing (possibly).

8.  How to Find Inspiration to Write Everyday – Tips for article writing everyday.

9.  The Benefits of Keeping a Private Journal – Reasons for keeping a private journal for your uncensored thoughts.

10.  Breaking Writer’s Block – Simple tips on how to break through writer’s block.

11.  Do You Recognize These 10 Mental Blocks to Creative Thinking? -  Barriers that may suppress our creative abilities.

12.  A Dozen Online Writing Tips – Tips for writing online from CyberJournalist.net.

13.  Mapping Out Writing Time: Finding Inspiration When You Least Expect It – Finding inspiration can happen in the most expected places – keep your eyes open.

14.  Finding New Inspiration: New Words and Beyond – This post gives some tips when you are stuck for finding words.

15.  Why You Should Stop Looking For Inspiration – CopyBlogger’s advice that says, ‘relax’ and stop putting so much pressure on finding inspiration.

I hope these are helpful. I think we could all use some fresh inspiration every now and again.

About Julie McElroy

Julie writes for Inspired to Write where she offers tips, resources, and writing inspiration for writers and bloggers. She is also a freelance writer for various websites and blogs.


  1. Hi Julie, was browsing the site and just stumbled across this lovely treasure trove of advice. I am going to read a couple now and bookmark this thread for later. I really should be working. You know how that goes :-)

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